• White Composite Fillings

  • Composite is a tooth-colored resin that is used as a filling material. It has become the standard for dental restorations, replacing amalgam (silver) fillings.  They are chemically bonded and light-cured to your tooth instead of packed in and allowed to harden naturally, like amalgam fillings.

    How do I care for my composites?


    Proper nutrition is important to maintain a healthy body AND healthy teeth.  Avoid foods that may discolor or stain teeth and avoid chewing hard foods that can chip or crack the composite, allowing harmful bacteria to creep in and settle where you cannot clean.  

    Routine Checkups

    Routine professional checkups allow a member of our expert dental team to evaluate the composite for any chips, cracks, or other comprises to the dental work’s integrity.  

    At-home Care

    To preserve the dental work between office visits, we recommend using dental products approved by the American Dental Association.  They have been tested and approved for use with dental work and have been evaluated for safety.  

    Why should I opt for composite fillings?

    They can be great alternatives to amalgam fillings because they are sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and may last longer than traditional restorations.  Every member of Dr. Lipe’s focused and professionally trained team works together to efficiently and precisely place your fillings. Patients from all over Denver, Englewood, Aurora, Littleton, Commerce City and surrounding areas come here for great gentle dental care.