• Same Day Crowns



    CAD/CAM Dental Milling Machines by Roland, allows your dentist or lab to craft a crown or resin restoration in a fraction of the time it used to take a lab to create a traditional crown.  This technology allows your dentist to fabricate a ceramic or resin crown, inlay or onlay, veneer or bridge while you are in the chair, eliminating the need for a temporary restoration.  What used to take two (or more) visits, is now done in one.  These machines also use computer scanned models of your mouth to reduce or even eliminate the need for occlusal adjustment.  This helps preserve the integrity of the restoration.

  • Wet or Drying Milling


  • Inlays and Onlays


    With Automatic Tool Changer features and simultaneous pin-rotation, users can make quick work of inlays and onlays with wet-milling or dry-milling Roland technology.
  • Crowns


    Create permanent crowns that completely cover a tooth with wet-milling or dry-milling Roland technology.
  • Veneers


    Wet-mill veneers with the DWX-4W in glass ceramics or composite resin for a high-esthetic front-facing restoration that perfectly resembles the original tooth.
  • Bridges


    The DWX-51D can mill single or multiple bridge replacements of any size from a host of compatible materials.
  • Coping


    Copings are quickly and effectively milled by the DWX-51D from a choice of materials for casting, or from materials to which porcelain is applied.
  • Abutments


    The DWX-51D mills a variety of abutments and partial denture supports, including hybrid, screw, glue-based, etc., from a variety of restorative materials.
  • Bars and More


    With its 10-station automatic tool changer, the DWX-51D mills bars, partial dentures and other restorations from zirconia with unstoppable ease for outstanding connection strength and precise aesthetics