• Fluoride Treatments

  • Fluoride helps prevent cavities and can even repair slight damage to enamel.  While most of us have fluoride in our municipal water, a fluoride treatment in-office can provide an extra layer of protection against decay.  Fluoride helps your teeth while they are forming and helps remineralize teeth after they have erupted. Many dental products contain fluoride. Mouth rinses, toothpastes, and even some dental flosses all have varying level of fluoride.  

    Why should I get a professional fluoride treatment?

    Some people have conditions that predispose them to dental decay.  Some common factors are genetics, over consumption of alcohol or drug abuse, existing restorations, imbalance in your oral flora, poor diet, or lack of proper at-home or professional dental care.  

    Post-treatment Care

    After your visit, continue your routine at-home and scheduled professional care. Drinking fluoridated water may help maintain your smile for years to come!

    Dr. Lipe can let you know if professional fluoride treatments are a good idea for you. The office is easy to get to from anywhere in Denver, Englewood, Aurora, Littleton, Commerce City, and the surrounding areas.  

    Let Dr. Lipe help you do everything you can to stop tooth decay and keep your smile looking great!