• Family Dentistry

  • Dr. Lipe is passionate about serving his patients and treating them with the best dental care possible.  He loves treating patients of all ages and offers care for the entire family under one roof.  While his office is in Denver, CO, he caringly serves the surrounding communities of Englewood, Aurora, Littleton and Commerce City.  Every patient is made to feel like family and his staff is trained to do the same.  

    He believes a good foundation is the base for good oral care and the key to maintaining a smile for a lifetime! He works with every member of the family to educate and inspire proper maintenance.  It’s never too soon to teach excellent oral home care!

    Comprehensive Dental Exam

    The American Dental Association recommends a professional dental exam twice a year for both children and adults.  During your exam, Dr. Lipe will evaluate your mouth, teeth, gums and jaw, to be sure everything looks healthy and disease-free. He will do a special check for oral cancer and create a customized treatment plan based on his findings.  

    He may request a series of x-rays and a set of intraoral photographs, so he can show you what he sees, and explain the need for treatment in a clear, understandable manner. No treatment will begin until you and Dr. Lipe have come to complete agreement on the course of treatment required and the steps it will require on both sides to get there.  

    Dental Cleaning

    Once your exam is complete, you will have a complete dental cleaning.  These professional dental cleanings are an integral part of preventing gum disease, cavities, and periodontal disease. You will be educated on proper home care and given the tools to maintain your smile at home.  Daily brushing and flossing are key points of excellent home care.  Avoiding certain food and drinking plenty of water are two more steps you can take to maintain your smile for a lifetime!

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