• Digital X-Rays

  • Digital x-rays use less energy and therefore, less radiation, to deliver crisp, clean images in an instant.  They are more environmentally friendly that standard films because they are computerized and require no chemicals to develop them.  They are also more efficient because they instantly appear on-screen and don’t need to be developed.  Because they are stored electronically, reducing the waste in a paper chart and can be send via email to anyone, anywhere quickly and securely!

    Why should I have digital x-rays? 

    To get a big-picture view of your dental health, x-rays may be taken to determine if there are any underlying, undiagnosed issues.  This creates a baseline from which your Dr. Lipe can create a customized plan of treatment.  Digital x-rays can easily find tooth decay under fillings, abscesses at the root of a tooth, cavities between the teeth, bone loss and tumors or cysts.