• Bonding

  • Bonding is used to repair a slight gap, chip, stain, or other small cosmetic issue.  Dr. Lipe loves improving the smiles and lives of his patients, and can make these repairs in one visit with minimal anesthesia. If a tooth has a small crack or chip, bonding can be used to smooth the area and prevent a jagged edge, which would allow decay to creep in.  

    What is bonding?

    Dental bonding is a tooth-colored resin that is chemically bonded to the tooth.  It matches your natural tooth color and generally will not fade.  They are light-cured and, provided they are well cared for, they are permanent.  

    Caring for a bonded tooth

    Regular dental visits and excellent home care are required to maintain dental bonding.

    Routine Checkups

    Routine professional checkups allow a member of our expert dental team to evaluate the dental bonding for any chips, cracks, or other comprises to the dental work’s integrity.  

    At-home Care

    To preserve the dental work between office visits, we recommend using dental products approved by the American Dental Association.  They have been tested and approved for use with dental work and have been evaluated for safety.  

    Proper Diet

    Avoid staining foods, if you can, and do not chew hard foods, such as ice, on teeth that have had dental work done on them.  Maintaining a healthy diet can also help prevent certain conditions and diseases that can contribute to dental decay.  

    Dr. Lipe and his staff are available for consultations if you think you’re smile could benefit from dental bonding.  Call today (303) 744-0600.